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Surface Preparation
  The vehicle's surface should be waxed a minimum of 48 hours prior to applying flexible magnetic sheet. For new vehicles or newly painted vehicles, allow approximately 90 days for the paint to tally cure before applying. wipe the surface of the vehicle with a clean dry cloth before application and make sure that all grime, dust and dirt has been removed.

  It is best to apply flexible magnetic sheet when the temperature of the magnet is near room temperature or about 68*F. Carefully align one edge of the flexible magnetic sheet to the vehicle's surface. Allow the remainder of the sheet to apply itself to the surface. Do not allow any air pockets to form under the magnetic sheet. If it isn't aligned properly, be sure to completely remove the sheet and start over again. Do not pull or drag the flexible magnetic sheet to realign. This can damage and stretch the material.

  Remove the flexible magnetic sheeting periodically to guard against moisture and dirt buildup. On vehicles, it is recommended to remove daily to ensure that the vehicle and the magnetic sheet surfaces are clean and free of roadway debris. Dirt and moisture trapped between the magnetic sheeting and your vehicle can damage its finish.

  Clean flexible magnetic sheet with a mild detergent as well as the metallic surface it is being re-applied to, wipe with a soft cloth and allow to dry. This will help to lengthen the life of your product and will help protect the surface of your vehicle.

  It is recommended to store flexible magnetic sheet in a clean dry area at room temperature or about 68* F. If rolling, roll with printed or non-magnetic side out. Store on end to avoid any flat spots. When storing the flexible magnet sheet flat, store on a clean, smooth, flat surface. Do not stack magnetic side to magnetic side due to the potential of wrinkling caused by improper pole alignment.

Caution Note
  Avoid using flexible magnetic sheet on repainted surfaces, non-metallic body fillers and wood grain vinyl siding.

Failure to follow this flexible magnetic sheet Clean and Care Guidelines may cause damage to the applied surface and/or the magnetic material itself. Our company cannot accept and will not be held liable for any damage caused by abuse, misuse or the failure to follow these important procedures.
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Frequent asked question
Magnet Glossary
Clean and Care Guidelines
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