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Flexible Magnet (China) Co., Ltd, is the new Landmark of the Global Flexible Magnet Industry!

We are a professional manufacturer specialized in producing Flexible Magnetic materials and related products. The Management Team of our company have more than 10 years of experience in the field of flexible magnet.

We have very leading German technology in the industry, the max width of flexible magnetic sheet we can produce is up to 1400mm/55”. We supply not only flexible magnet, but also flexible magnet solution. Our R&D team are always there to provide solution to meet your requirement. We aim at supplying the most suitable flexible magnet solution combinate with high quality and competitive price to customers all over the world and becoming your best partner in flexible magnet purchasing.

Our Headquarter is located at HongKong, and our factory is located at Shijie, Dongguan, mainland China, the product quality and service of our company have been widely approved by our customers all over the world.

You are welcome to visit our factory at any time and we are always ready to be at your service. Don’t hesitate, please contact us today!



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