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Q: How wide of the magnetic roll can you provide?
A: The standard width of magnetic roll is 610mm,620mm, the widest we can produce is 1400mm.

Q: How thick of the flexible magnetic sheet can you provide?
A: Thinnest is 0.2mm, and thickest is 8mm.

Q: Can magnetic sheet laminated with PVC be direct printed?
A: Yes, it can. Our magnetic sheet laminated with PVC can be direct printed by screen printing, solvent ink, Eco-solvent and UV ink printers.

Q: How about your product quality?
A: Our product quality is belongs to the top level among all the Chinese manufacturers, we can provide samples to you for your testing, so you can see the difference by yourself.

Q: Can you send me a quotation / price list?
A: Yes, of course. But please provide the specification of the products which you want to purchase by Length x width x thickness, what kind of lamination do you want, and the order quantity, after have these information, we will send you quotation at our earliest convenience.

Q: What is your MOQ?
A: The MOQ  per order is 2 pallets, about 50 rolls, can combined with two sizes.
Q: What is your lead time/Production time?
A: Normally, we can ship the goods within 3 -4 weeks after receipt of your deposit. If you need the goods urgently, please let us know, we will try to meet your requirement.

Q: What are your payment terms?
A: Normally, we require 30% deposit and the balance be paid after received copy of B/L by T/T.

Q: Can you provide any quality Certificates?
A: Yes, of course, we have SGS and MSDS certificates, if you have any special requirement, please feel free to let us know. Thank you!

Q: How long does the magnetic attraction force of the Flexible Magnet last?
A: Flexible Magnet is a kind of permanent magnet. Theoretical speaking, if stored and used the materials in proper environment (dry and clean environment, working or storing temperatures between -15 o to 160 oF (-26o-70o C), it can last forever. The magnetic attraction force of Flexible Magnet will be demagnetized due to high temperature or high friction during its application.

Q: How to choose the type of magnetization?
A: The types of magnetization influence the holding force of the flexible magnet. It depends on your application, normally, single side multi poles magnetized is for holding application, special type of magnetization is for industrial application. Please contact with us to discuss your special requirement, we will have a solution for you.

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Frequent asked question
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