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Magnetic Reflective Film is made by high quality Flexible Magnetic Sheet laminated with microprismatic retro- reflective film, which can provide very high reflective performance in the dark at night, or in poor visibility conditions.

It can be used for traffic signage, warning and information signage and work zone signage, banner, outdoor and indoor advertisement etc.

This product is water proof for outdoor use, and with special protection layer on the magnetized side, it will not cause damage to the applied surfaces if use properly. And it can be directly UV printed on the surface.


This product is very flexible, it can be cut to small pieces by knife or scissor, and can be applied to vehicle and other metal surfaces directly.

  • Total thickness of Magnetic Reflective Film is magnet thickness plus reflective film thickness.
  • Magnet is available in standard energy and high energy. 
  • Reflective film color is available in white, orange and red. 
  • One roll to be packed into one carton box. 
  • Shelf life of reflective film:1 years (68 oF/50% relative humidity)
  • When roll the material in roll, please keep the reflective film side outward, if roll with reflective film inward, will cause wrinkle at the surface on the film.
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