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    FMC Water-based Magnetic Paint is a primer with magnetic properties that can transform any surface to magnetic receptive surface that can attract magnets. This product can be used to create a fantastic photo walls, message boards, display wall. Turn any normal walls into magnetic receptive walls, and help to bring flexibility and creativity to any design of visual communication, interior Deco and home Deco.

    The paint is VOC free and ECO friendly. It is a kind of Gray Fluid, and can be applied on flat or curved surfaces. It can attract and hold any light magnetic objects such as fridge magnets, magnetic cards, photos, posters and notes that have magnetic properties. No need to drill holes or hammer nails into the wall.

    The magnetic paint is used as a primer. Top coated with any brand of latex wall paint, blackboard paint or thin wallpaper.

 Product Features

  • Compliant with the EN71 standard. Zero toxic components.
  • Strong adhesion, hard film and excellent abrasion resistance.
  • The magnetic paint is not magnetic. It is magnetic receptive.
  • It is completely safe and will not cause interference with electronic devices.

    Add about 5% water when using a brush application. If sprayed, dilute with water 5%-10% and fix the diameter of the gun nozzle to >2.0mm. 

Application condition:

    Apply when the ambient temperature is between 2℃—42℃.


    Gray fluid. 

Application tools:

    Use brush, roller or spray.


    Estimated coverage is 3.5㎡ per liter (based on 3 coats).

Drying time:

    For a film of 30 micrometers under the temperature of 25℃—30℃.

    Touch Dry 30 minutes       Hard dry: 2 hours

    Dry to re- coats: at least 2 hours (dependent on the temperature).

Recommended number of Coats

    3 or more coats of magnetic primer paint and 2 coats of wall paint or chalkboard paint.

    4 or more coats of magnetic primer paint and wallpaper (applying wallpaper 48 hours later).


  • Remove loose paint, wash off any dirt or grease with detergent.
  • Countersink nail heads, repair imperfections and sand smooth.
  • Remove off all dust with a damp cloth, allow drying.
  • Open the can and stir thoroughly. Apply with soft brush directly.

Application Method

  • At least 3 coats are required and re-coat in 2 hours. Use a magnet to test the magnetic effect when the third coat is dried and then decide whether a fourth coat is needed. 
  • If you are going to cover with wallpaper, test the magnetic effect on top of the wallpaper since wallpaper decreases the magnetic effect to a significantly different level.
  • After the paint is completely dry, sand with 100# sand paper before applying the topcoat.
  • Top coat with any color wall paint or chalkboard paint to cover all of the black area or apply thin wallpaper 48 hours later.

Apply Surface:

     Firm walls, bamboo, wood, cement, pottery, plastic and metal surfaces.

Where to use:

    Retail environments, Classroom, Children’s room, Kindergarten,  bedroom, offices, recreation centers, museum, furniture surfaces, Kitchen, bars and restaurant etc.


  • The magnetic paint is used as a primer.
  • It can’t hold heavy magnets. It goes best with flexible magnets with a large contact surface like magnetic cards and flat fridge magnets.
  • Clean the can and application tools with water.
  • Store the paint at temperatures of 0℃ to 50℃ and avoid direct sunlight.
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