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    We produce Flexible Magnet laminated with all kinds of printable surfaces to meet all kinds of inks or printing technology requirements. Printing media is laminated on the non-magnetic side of the Flexible Magnetic Sheet. 

    The most popular one is with PVC, no matt for Matt Vinyl, Gloss Vinyl or Colorful Vinyl, Screen printing or Digital printing, we have various kind of Vinyl to suit your application. Seven standard colors for your choice: White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Black.

    We can also produce Flexible Magnet with photo paper, art paper, photo paper, PET or PP. Just check with us if you need a special printing surface, we will have solution for you. 

    We can produce this product up to 1270mm wide for wide format printing, min. thickness is 0.25mm. This product is directly digital printable. 

The 0.4mm magnetic vinyl is made of 0.3mm magnetic sheet plus 0,1mm PVC, which can be directly printed by inkjet printers, and suitable for Eco-solvent/ Solvent/ UV/ Screen Printing for large format graphics.

he 0.7mm magnetic vinyl is suitable for making magnetic car sign for outdoor application.

Our Flexible Magnetic Sheet is a kind of high performance flexible magnet with special protection coating layer on the magnetized side, our products can be used on car for outdoor, the magnetized side will not react with the painting of the car and damage the painting on the car even use outdoor under high or changeable temperature for a long time.

Car Sign Magnet usually comes with white matt or white gloss PVC, the PVC surface can be UV printing or flatbed printing, it has good magnetic holding force and good weather resistance. 

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